New and Improved

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Everytime I start to write here, I get caught. Maybe I need a new spot. It feels to open and available. I'll let you know.

Ed. And with good reason. My crazy online stalker person has been visiting. Facebook me if you're interested in my more secure (and interesting) location.
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Thursday, August 07, 2008

So things are moving along here in my new town. I'm becoming familiar with things, getting to know a few people and in general, liking it more. I miss Boston, but it's less acute.

I would love to start dating, but am not into online dating. I did it off and on while I was in Boston, but there's something really unappealing about doing it now. I really would like to be introduce to someone. Anyone know of a single, laid back, dark-haired professional (but not boring finance or anything like that) guy in the area???

I'm sure as I get into my job more, I will have more opportunities to meet people, and really that's my only option.

I've been looking obsessively on petfinder for dogs. I think I would like to get two dogs, so when I'm gone they'll have each other. It's just a thought, but really, I'm kind of enjoying my time alone.

Ok, the nephew is here, so I should put down the laptop and wrestle more. Promise a more well thought out post soon.
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