New and Improved

Thursday, August 07, 2008

So things are moving along here in my new town. I'm becoming familiar with things, getting to know a few people and in general, liking it more. I miss Boston, but it's less acute.

I would love to start dating, but am not into online dating. I did it off and on while I was in Boston, but there's something really unappealing about doing it now. I really would like to be introduce to someone. Anyone know of a single, laid back, dark-haired professional (but not boring finance or anything like that) guy in the area???

I'm sure as I get into my job more, I will have more opportunities to meet people, and really that's my only option.

I've been looking obsessively on petfinder for dogs. I think I would like to get two dogs, so when I'm gone they'll have each other. It's just a thought, but really, I'm kind of enjoying my time alone.

Ok, the nephew is here, so I should put down the laptop and wrestle more. Promise a more well thought out post soon.
Posted by Kristen @ 10:35 AM