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Saturday, July 26, 2008

A little less Milo in this one? Maybe? 

All week long, I've been gazing at dogs on petfinder and craigslist. I was telling myself no, but in reality thinking probably.

I agreed to watch a friend's dog this weekend because well, I was missing the companionship and the reason to get out and do things. She's an awesome old lab who wants nothing more than love and dinner. I can give her both of those things easily.

What I am getting from our time together is that I am not ready for another dog. I want to be free. Adopting a dog anytime soon wouldn't be fair to the dog. I loved everything about Milo so much, I know I would be comparing and contrasting everything the new dog did to the way Milo did things. I was used to him, knew him inside and out and even this girl that I love is so different that it bugs me. Not that she bugs me, but her not being independent like Milo is such a change. Maybe in a few months, I would prefer this, but right now I'm happy to have her for a few days and then send her home.

In other news, I have a busy week. I'm trying to socialize as much as possible. I have a new book club meeting on Tues. It's from not sure how it will be, but I'm hopeful since I love to talk about books and love people who talk about books. I have a new friend blind date, set up by someone whose judgment I trust. It would be nice to make a new girlfriend so I don't have to bother the hell out of the one I have here! Plus, Monday a co-worker (um, triathlete) is going to meet me after work and tune up my bike and then take me on a ride. I'm a little nervous, but she's cool so it will be fun.

I'm trying hard not to slip into a depression. Milo dying is certainly grounds for it, but I don't want it. I want try to find the positive and get out and about more than I have in the past 3 years.
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